CH Pelee Sauer Mug Savannah Peach
Sire - CH Boo's Lord Bosworth
Dam - CH Pelee's Pick Of The Patch

Breeder - Melissa Lamb


CAN CH Do-Bee's Sauer Mug Reginald 
Sire - Brampton's Do-Bee's Hobson
Dam - Do-Bee's GB's Milady Jane

Breeder - Rochelle & Jack Segall

We adopted our first bulldog more than 15 years ago.  George was a rescue and came with a crooked jaw, tongue that couldn’t fit in his mouth, long list of medical conditions, and heart as big as all outdoors. George joined our basset hound Bogie and the two of them ruled the household. George’s favorite thing to do was taking Bogie for walks. I can imagine what the neighbors thought when they looked out and saw the basset being pulled by his lead down the driveway, into the street and then back to the house.  Bogie didn’t seem to mind and the two of them remained best friends for several years.

It was obvious that we were hooked. Bulldogs became our passion and we took on another rescue a few years later. Emily was far from being a beauty and also had issues, but with patience and understanding, she was able to live a long, happy life, without incident.

The first time showing in the ring was around 2000, and then life became so hectic we stopped and then started again very seriously in 2008. We are so dedicated, our grown sons still point out that we installed central air in the house so the bullies would be more comfortable. They’re very smart men and not wrong about this point.

 Raising loving and lovable, confident, healthy, well-behaved bulldogs is important to us. We are committed to the betterment of the breed and screen potential owners very carefully.


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